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Unsigned int64 ago, people use stones to deal ranged attack.

But a good stone-thrower requires a lot of training, so they invented the slingshot to fire stones. This new technology helped the fight with other creatures greatly.

But one day, the earth is invaded by unknown creatures. All of your kind has mutated and you are the only one survived! And they along with a lot of zerglings and titans destroyed your homeland!

Now it's your time! Show me what you can do with this ultimate weapon as an ancient ranger!


Add sound effect : Done

Remake textures : Done

Adjust damage and level to make it balanced :Done

Add BGM if possible and proper : Done

All Done ! Thanks to everyone who helped me in developing !

If there're bugs , please report, thanks.)


Update Log 8/29/2016 4:07 GMT

I finally finished HP bar and SP bar. Now you can sprint by pressing left shift.


Update Log 8/29/2016 7:30 GMT

I wrote a simple battle BGM.

I've never written a BGM for battle. But it seems ok.

I made a lot of adjustment on weapons and monsters. Details are below.


Update Log 8/29/2016 9:17 GMT

I adjusted the drums in BGM and fixed the problem about the gap when looping

About page is added, and I also adjusted some UI.

Have fun~ :)


Update Log 8/29/2016 12:38 GMT

Fixed bug that victory comes too early

Decreased titan's hp. But it's still hard to be killed before others.



WASD : Move

Left mouse button : Charge and fire

Right mouse button : Emit the Force (It requires cooling down after using it once, and you will hear notification sound effect when it's ready)

Left Shift : Sprint

Q : Switch weapon


Instructions in battle

Stones are reliable for dealing a lot of DMG, but requires charging for a while. Besides, stones have strong knock-back on light enemies.

Arrows now have higher fire rate and DPM but lower DMG. You will have to choose proper weapon to deal with different situations.

There're three types of enemies.

Orcs are normal one. You will have to kill it by at least two stone shot or multiple arrows.

Zerglings now have higher speed and hp. You won't be able to kill it with only one arrow, but one half-charged stone is enough to take it down. Think carefully about weapons.

Titans now will not be useless! Approaching titans will slow down your speed and if you didn't managed to escape you will be surrounded by zerglings suddenly!

Good luck!


Some Questions:

Q: Why there is no dot in the center of screen to help aiming?

A: Because you are ancient ranger! Do you think you'are able to fire the stones precisely? No. Try to guess the trace of your weapons and make them of good use. Good luck!

Q: It's hard to aim and shoot when lots of enemies are moving towards you?

A: Yes. If there's an enemy blocking your slingshot, the dmg of your weapon will be really low. So keep distance from them. In fact, once you are surrounded while your Force isn't ready, you will die in seconds.


About movement speed:

Thanks to everyone who made suggestion!

I tried to improve movement speed, but the game is just getting too boring. Currently zerglings could catch you when you are not sprinting away from them, and orcs could catch you when you trying to simply hit & run. If player has higher speed, orcs may be harmless even with increased amount. To avoid this, both player and enemies' speed must be improved. In that case, zerglings would move too fast.

So in my opinion it's hard to improve movement speed while keeping it interesting. It would be different if I added more mechanics, enemies and skills in it.

I've uploaded a alternative version with higher speed.

Orginal Version:

Forward Speed : 6 Strafe and Backward Speed : 3 Sprinting Multiplier : 1.5 Hp : 100

Higher Speed Version:

Forward Speed : 7 Strafe and Backward Speed : 5 Sprinting Multiplier : 1.8 Hp : 200


Sorry about my poor English......

Tags8-Bit, FPS, kuso, Pixel Art

Install instructions

Only windows build currently, sorry


Win32 Original Version 22 MB
Win32 Higher Speed Version 22 MB

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