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Magician Carrier

This is a game for Ludum Dare 37

Those magicians are so lazy. They don't exercise while just stay in their home or libs everyday.So it became a large problem when they wanted to travel between towns or cities.

You are a magician carrier who carries magicians from one place to another. But your coach is only available for one magician.

Be careful! Those monsters are waiting for meal beside roads. Choose proper routes to the destination with your customer.

Click the name of places to move.
Click the bed to rest, and it will cost.
Click the beer to enter guild to accept new orders or get tips.
Never run into monsters without any customer.
Use fullscreen if possible.
You need to click the beer to let your customer get down and pay you.

Start with 200g, and try to run your business as soon as possible.
Game would end when you died or ran out of money.

I got problems making it displayed correctly on itch.io. So I made it downloadable, and you need a browser which supports WebGL to play.

Be careful with the elments.
Grass -> Water -> Fire -> Grass
When your partner is at advantage, she will only takes half of the damages. The damage doubles when the monsters took advantage.


More Context
Sound Effects and BGM
Adjustment of the Difficulty
Better UI and UX

Sorry for my poor English. *facepalm*

by Alf Library and Crazy Prince

Special thanks to Venceremos


Magician Carrier WebGL Build.zip 9 MB
Magician Carrier Win Build.zip 15 MB

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